About This Site

The Internet Has Changed How We find Information.

Additionally, it has impacted how we educate our young and communicate with each other.

For businesses, a whole new way of attracting new customers has evolved. Whether it be through search, advertising or social media, these new channels demand new methods of approach to prospects.

Yet some twenty-five years or more after the popular emergence of the internet, the old ways of marketing still persist.

The blogs on this site represent new ideas, the re-application of old ideas in new ways, or an evolution of concepts. You’ll even find some out of date pieces here that were, at the time of writing them, shiny and new.

The bottom line is this: The internet allows us to connect with others much more easily than traditional media ever did.

Understanding the marketing concepts presented here, and navigating the changes online, are key for businesses if they want to find success with their digital marketing efforts.

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