Video: Why You Should Adopt It Into Your Marketing Strategy

March’s Social Media Marketing World drove home one important point: Organic reach on Facebook is all but dead for business pages. But there is a solution. Video.

The Advantages of Video for Your Business

There are multiple advantages to producing video content for your business. In today’s era of social media marketing, the most important is reach. Facebook’s algorithm has reduced reach so much that posts from business pages are reaching less than one percent. 

With reach for traditional posts being cut, video has emerged as a sound strategy. It is the only form of content that Facebook rewards with high reach. When you go live on the site, your business page fans receive a notification and that video feed remains at the top of newsfeeds. 

You can also reuse that live video and rebroadcast it later. Prerecorded video content also receives higher than normal reach, though not as high as live video does.

When creating a video strategy, don’t forget YouTube. It remains the number-two search engine in the world! Search optimizing your video descriptions and tags on YouTube will help your videos to be found and build awareness for your brand.

Video Creates Connections

But there are more subtle advantages to doing video, as well. Movies and TV are so popular because our eyes and brains are drawn to moving pictures. Since the earliest black and white silent movies, people have sat enthralled by the flickering images on the screen.

Video allows the viewer to connect with the subject emotionally. With the right messaging and the right production standards, video can draw viewers in like no other form of media. That’s a powerful tool for marketers. 

But this shouldn’t be anything new to marketers. Businesses have been producing marketing videos for decades. What is different now is the access and ease of use of technology, the platforms where we share the video content and the shortened attention span of viewers. 

Some say attention span has dropped to as low as eight seconds. Others argue that it might be higher, around two minutes for content in which the viewer is interested. Whatever that number might be, it is a short period of time. That means you have to be prepared in advance.

Practice and Prepare

Set a goal of practicing and going live or producing video everyday. Standing in front of a camera does not come naturally to most people. We are, by nature, self-conscious of our appearance and how we sound. Push through those feelings and work on your presentation. 

Don’t “wing it.” Holding your smartphone in the air and just saying whatever pops into your mind is not a strategy. Have a script with a clear beginning, middle and end. When you reach the conclusion of your content, you’re done. Don’t be interrupted by user comments or questions. The time to take questions is after you have gotten through your message.

Don’t assume people will just show up for your live video, either. It takes time for you to build an audience and to get them comfortable with you and the material you are presenting.

Video Skills to Develop

Even though they might not be able to put their finger on it, today’s internet users are much more savvy and they recognize quality production standards versus poor. That’s because they have been exposed to so much more media. So having a technically sound production is important. 

Master using a tripod, instead of handholding your phone. Make sure you’re lit well, and that you use a microphone that produces good quality audio. When these factors aren’t right, they call attention to themselves and viewers will no longer be listening to your message.

The Wrap

Video has always been a meaningful medium for marketers. With the ease of use that exists today, there is no reason why businesses should not be creating video content ideas and using video on Facebook and YouTube to reach their target audience.

If you have questions about digital marketing, call me at 513-237-5530.

Bob Turner is a Digital Marketing Consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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