Facebook Live: How Businesses Can Use it With Confidence

Facebook Live has exploded in popularity since its launch in August 2015. The platform is generating over 3,000 years worth of watch-time every day! Video views are expected to reach 64 billion this month.

With all of this activity, there’s no doubt that you should use video in your marketing. Most businesses are trying to understand how they can effectively use Live to market their products and services. Many others are wary of the platform because it represents a dangerous possibility: A misspoken word or statement during a Live broadcast could lead to a PR nightmare. 

Because of this concern, countless businesses are avoiding it all together. But that isn’t necessary. There is a safe way to use Facebook Live that can attract viewers, while also guaranteeing that your marketing message will stay intact.

Have Something to Say

This is the most basic point to consider, but it is also the most important. If you don’t have a reason for using Facebook Live, if you don’t have something compelling to say, then don’t.

You need to give people a reason to watch. In the news industry, this is known as a hook. It’s a compelling question or statement that gets the reader or viewer to want to know more. 

 As a business using Live, you have to do something similar. Perhaps it is a sale that your company is running, an initiative to help needy kids or an interesting customer story. Whatever it is, tease it in your headline and at the top of the broadcast.

Plan What You’re Going To Say

Now that you know you have a subject to talk about, plan it out. Identify those points that need discussed, then elaborate on each point. It’s vital that you understand what you’re going to say before you get on camera. 

The worst thing that a business person can do is wing it! Being on camera is much more challenging than news professionals make it seem. They are paid, after all, to make it look easy. You need to write out what you’re going to say and rehearse it. If you choose not to, you run the risk of suffering from “Diarrhea of the Mouth.” 

That happens when a performer loses track of where they are and what they’re saying and begins to talk incessantly to avoid the on-camera silence. During those times of extreme nervousness and anxiety, anything can come out of that person’s mouth, which can lead to real PR problems later.

Use the Interview Style

The interview Style involves one person sitting on camera, while another sits off camera asking questions. This is the style used in TV news programs and as a result, viewers are familiar and comfortable with it.

When seen, it also suggests professionalism, something with which you want your business associated.

Using the interview style means the person being interviewed won’t have to fumble for something to say or keep track of where they are. The interviewer will always be there prompting with the next question. This helps the broadcast move along better and reduces the nervousness and fear of having to perform alone.

The interview style also assures that the on-camera performance will comply with the pre-determined message that you’re trying to broadcast and will greatly reduce the possibility of “Diarrhea of the Mouth.” When prompted with a rehearsed question, it’s much easier to stay on message.

Don’t Ignore the Technical Aspects

Using Facebook Live isn’t just about your performance. You also need to ensure that the technical parts of your broadcast are high quality. These include the lighting, your audio quality, and the stability of your shot.

Save Questions for Later

While Facebook Live allows you to see the questions from users as they watch your broadcast, don’t answer them until you’ve completed your presentation.

Make a short statement in the beginning about answering questions later and begin your broadcast.

Connect Your Facebook Live Broadcast to a Charity

If you really want people to connect with your brand, then connect your presentation to a charity. Nothing wins people over to a business more. It shows the human side of your company and helps you gain loyal followers who will want to buy from you.

The Wrap

Facebook Live is a valuable tool for businesses today. It is free to use and the videos generated on it can be reused later.

Being efficient with this tool, though, is the key. You will want to be intentional in what you do: have a reason for your broadcast, prepare and rehearse, use the interview style, and to gain loyal followers connect it to a charity. 

By following these steps, you can take advantage of Live and know your broadcast will proceed without mishaps.


Bob Turner is a Digital Marketing Consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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