SEO: Why Small Business Need It

In today’s online marketplace, it is crucial for small businesses to take advantage of every opportunity to get a competitive edge.  Applying SEO to their website is the most important thing they can do to compete online.  Here are six reasons – there are many more - why small businesses need to engage in search... Continue Reading →

Social Media Marketing: The Tactic of Choice

  Social media channels have made it more difficult in recent years for businesses to find success on them.  But that hasn’t stopped the enthusiasm small businesses have for these platforms.  According to Infusionsoft’s annual Small Business Marketing Trends Report, social channels remain the marketing tactic of choice where owners want to focus their time... Continue Reading →

Video: Just How Important is it?

Everywhere you look on the internet today you will find video.  That’s because more and more companies are discovering the real marketing advantages of using it.  If businesses want to succeed online today, they should consider adopting video as part of their marketing plan. Here’s why it’s so iomportant. Advantages of Video Perhaps the best... Continue Reading →

CCPA: The New GDPR Law in California

In June 2018, we told you about the European Union law that went into effect in May. Known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it impacts not only businesses in the EU, but also those around the world that gather personal data from EU residents. The intent of the law is to protect the... Continue Reading →

GDPR: Why You Need to Comply with this EU Law

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect last month.  It was passed by the European Union (EU) with the intent to protect the private information of internet users throughout the EU by giving them more control over their data.  But the implications of this law are actually global.  They impact how businesses located... Continue Reading →

LinkedIn: Why B2Bs Need to be Active On It

With the recent news feed changes by Facebook, marketers have been looking for other channels on which to promote their brands.  For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is the perfect option. LinkedIn by the Numbers LinkedIn is growing, adding 2 new members per second! As of May 2018, there were over 562 million professionals on LinkedIn.  According... Continue Reading →

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